1) How can i buy more SMS
–> Please log in to you smscanal account and click on the “Online Recharge” on your right, so you can buy more sms via Paypal. If you want to make a bank transfer, please email us for more info.

2) How can i see my registered members/clients
–> Please log in to your website’s administration panel, click on the member’s tab on your left.

3) How can i add sms to a user of mine, manually?
–> Please log in to your website’s administration panel, click on the member’s tab on your left, and then click on the user you wish, so the complete user’s profile page will open. After that you will be able to see all the available user’s info and add/edit/delete any field available on his profile page.

4) Does the SmsCanal’s WordPress Bulk SMS Plugin cost anything at all?
–> No, our plugin is absolutely free of charge, you will only pay to buy sms from and resell them to your clients.

5) How can I change the language of my WordPress Bulk SMS Plugin and website?
–> To change the language of your smscanal plugin and your wordpress website to English, Greek or Spanish you have to take the following steps:
1. connect to your website via an ftp client
2. download the wp-config.php file, which can be found at the root directory of your wordpress installation
3. open it with a text editor and find the command: define(‘WPLANG’, ”); (usually on line 72).
Change it to:
define(‘WPLANG’, ‘en’); for English
define(‘WPLANG’, ‘el’); for Greek
define(‘WPLANG’, ‘es’); for Spanish.
4. save it and upload it again to the root directory
5. go to our Download Section ( )
6. download the language .po file you prefer by clicking on the appropriate language
7. upload this .po file via an ftp client at the folder: wp-content->plugins->smscanal->lang
8. you are ready!

6) How can I install and configure the Free WordPress SMS Plugin?
–> Below you can find the exact steps you have to take to install and configure the WordPress SMS Plugin, since you already have a wordpress website or you are aware of how to create one.

Installation Instructions:
1) Please download the .zip file from our “Download” section and upload to your plugins page, just like any other plugin.

2) After that, visit the SmsCanal’s plugin tab, and the page “Options” and fill in the appropriate fields:
- Paypal email (enter the Paypal email that the payment will be sent to)
- Username & password (please enter you smscanal login credentials)
- Vat (please enter the percentage of VAT that you want to be applied to the prices you will add to your sms package pricelist)
- Currency (please select one of the available currencies that are supported by paypal)
- Test SMS (select how many sms you want to be automatically loaded to any user’s account once he completes his registration, this is for testing purposes)

3) Once you have done the above, please go and log in to your account from here:, and click on the “Callback DLR URL Configuration” on your right. There, select Response Type: XML, and at the Callback URL enter your root wordpress installation URL followed by /wp-content/plugins/smscanal/smscanalDR.php. So, for example, if your website is, then you should set as CallBack URL the following: After that, click the SAVE button

4) Activate the scheduled sms feature by following the steps below:
Step 1. Disable wordpress cron.
Open your wp-config.php file with a text editor nad add below the database setting the following code:
define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, ‘true’);
Step 2. Set Up a Real Cron
Log into your server control panel.
Add a new cron job with 15 minutes interval with the following cron command:
if you are using Plesk:
wget YourDomainUrlHere/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron (e.g: wget )
if you are using Cpanel:
php /home/YourUsernameHere/public_html/YourRootWpFolderHere/wp-cron.php (e.g: php /home/wwwdem12/public_html/sms/wp-cron.php )

5) Please go to the admin dashboard and click on the Settings tab on your left and after that please click on the permalinks and make them to be shown with the postname(Settings -> Permalinks -> Common Settings(Post name))

6) now you are ready to send sms and also to insert the needed pages to your website. By installing our free sms plugin, all the needed pages are automatically created and you can find them under the Pages tab from your admin panel. as you can see, inside each page a shortcode exists, so if you want to put the specific functionality of a page to another page of yours, just copy/paste this shortcode and you are ready.

**We strongly recommend, before you install our sms plugin to your website, to take a complete backup of it, so in case anything goes wrong you can restore it. Our company is not responsible for anything may be occured by the use of our WP Sms Plugin.

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