Sales Management is practical as it deals with the application of sales techniques and managing the sales operations of a firm. A sales strategy defines objectives with targets that are based on specified time frames. It therefore goes without saying that a sales manager should be a good planner to start with. Plans usually require resources to be deployed during the execution stages so efficient sales planning is necessary. A sales manager should setup a structure that works and stick to it. The more the sales team learn about the structure, the more they are able to achieve better towards the set sales targets.

Efficient Sales Management is also largely dependent on human resources management. In order to improve the firm’s sales operations, the sales manager needs to work with a sales force that has the right skills. The only way to achieve that is by recruiting the right people in the first place. The sales manager for that matter should come up with an action-based form of interview process so as to recruit the caliber of people who can deliver to the expectations of the sales strategy. Forward thinking people making the sales team will make it easier because they use any given freedom to help in making the right decisions and respond to circumstances that allow opportunities to seal deals without hesitation. Allowing such freedom to your sales team as long as there is accountability leads to better Sales Management.

Another strategy that leads to improved Sales Management is talent development. Training the sales team members and allowing the most talented ones to take more challenges with better rewards are necessary efforts to increase competitiveness. The knowledge and talents retained by the organization in those sales employees is known as the human capital so you should make plans for your organization to invest more in them. All these go hand in hand with good management of other resources such as the firm’s assets. A sales manager should have good control over such resources to ensure they are deployed in accordance to the sales plans.

Leadership is also critical as far as Sales Management is concerned. Many sales managers are people with sales or management backgrounds. They must demonstrate their abilities and serve as good examples or even mentors to those in their team. Allow the sales persons to deal with small issues arising in lower level operations. This will empower them not to shy away from decision making but instilling accountability will be critical to ensure their freedom is somehow tempered with to prevent costly mistakes. As a sales manager, you should direct where circumstances demand so and show your leadership qualities where bigger challenges have been foreseen or have actually happened.